Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm President

When a friend owes me $20, it’s taken anguish to get my money. Our government will be owing $14,000 more per household for just one year next year.

These numbers are mind-boggling to me. We can’t pay that back. We know it. Our fantasy is that we’ll keep making more money to pay higher taxes. The reality is government is getting even less revenues.

These are times for drastic action. We need a leader. We need to quit thinking about adding to the budget--government health care, bonuses to government interns, cash for clunkers--and start paying our bills.

Bring our guys home. Yes, America is still a great country, but we need to call in the troops. We need to cut spending programs, eliminate useless government such as the department of education.

We can keep kicking the can, eventually we have take responsibility. Stand up America, we can do it.

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