Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cracker Likes Mayor Barry

I love Mayor Barry.

The dude gets caught smoking a crack pipe while in office. Does he say, "Where's your warrant". No. Does he say, "This is entrapment"? No

Mayor Barry says, "Da bitch set me up". Man, that's classic.

Mayor Barry is flawed. He now lives in a rented apartment right next to a bus stop in a city, which to this day, he's councilman. He's cheated on his wives, done illicit drugs, but is still loved by his people.

Can you imagine? During a prison visitation, he got caught snagging a blowjob. The indignity.

The guy's one of us. He's honest. He's done more for his people in DC than anyone else. Washington has the highest standard of living for blacks in the US. His cronies have gone to jail for embezzelment, but not Mayor Barry. He's never stolen from the public treasury.

Mayor Barry's downfall has been himself. But black or white, we can identify with him. There can be no more classic line in American politics, "Da bitch set me up".

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