Sunday, August 30, 2009

Being Rich In Time

Someone says, "Boy, I got a lot accomplished yesterday".

That's great.

But I didn't. I rested. Had lots of free time. Chose to do only what I wanted to do.

When I look back to yesterday, much was accomplished. But in a slow way. My wife and I went grocery shopping. We made 3 different kinds of salsa for tonight's dinner. Then my wife created her first home-made pizza. Umm, tasty--a success. We watched the Kennedy ceremony, then my man "Tiger" golfing. I read a book, "On Writing Well". Knocked down a few posts in my blog.

Being "rich" in time. It's not not doing anything. It may be actually doing more. But I choose. The day isn's spent doing "I have to's", it's doing what I want to do.

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