Friday, August 28, 2009

Making Love

It's late at night. I open the door to our room. I hear her quietly sleeping standing beside her. A soft kiss on her lips.

She responds. Her tongue reaches for mine. My hand slips under the satin sheet to feel her breast. So soft, waiting, the bosom of love. Her nipple now in my mouth. I feel it harden as my hand wanders to her holy of holies.

I begin kissing her toes. I lick her calves as my head moves ever slowly to delight that awaits us both. I kiss her inner thighs. Her smell of woman surges me to higher passion. I kiss her pussy. I stop. I need to rest myself on her dune.

I retreat to kissing her warm pussy. I begin to suck her. I take all of her into my mouth. She writhes in pleasure. She begins to moan loudly.

Her pussy opens and ever so deep I go. Soon my whole head's inside. Her intestine wraps around my neck. I try to scream but can't. Hey Moe, get me out of here, I can't breathe.

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