Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The EFFO Diet

As we all know, there are a ton of diets out there. Mostly they are divided along two lines: One that recommends a high protein (IE meat) diet, a la Adkins and the South Beach diet. The other is a high carbohydrate diet (high in the sense of percentage of calories to fat and protein), a la McDougall, Dr Dean Ornish, Esselstyn, and T Colin Campbell.

I am on the side of a carbohydrate diet, which is the opposite of what most Americans would consider the way to safely lose weight. But if one looks at world populations, and most suffer little obesity, it is because their diet consists mostly of carbohydrates.

But the carbohydrates I'm talking about are whole foods. Fruits, veggies, beans, whole grains. Not processed foods such as white bread, soda drinks and pastries. In fact, I wonder if refined carbohydrates are actually worse than eating meats, dairy and oils.

What it all gets down to is what I have dubbed the EFFO diet. Eat Fiber Foods Only. If one were to eat only foods that contain fiber, one could not help but lose weight and achieve delirious health. Look at how sick we are and look at the types of foods we put in our body. If you think there's no relation, I beg to differ.

The EFFO diet may seem to be a daunting exercise in asceticism, but after doing it for a few months, a whole world will open up that you would never have believed. People feel sorry for me for my spartan diet, while I wish they would just give the diet a chance that would change their lives in unbelievable ways.

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