Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

I just saw this video last night, and right away I started doing what they're doing in the video. So today is my first day, and it's pretty cool.

Tomorrow I start day 2 and I'll see how far I carry this. I've actually completely fasted (water only) one time for 2 weeks. That'd be 14 whole days with no food. Not too long ago, in medical literature it was stated that one could not live over a week without food.

But I've never done a juice fast before and I find it interesting. So far, it's quite a bit easier than doing a water fast only. Watch the guy in the film that started at 419 pounds doing a juice fast. Watch him when he goes to the doctor for a check-up. "I can keep juicing, can't I?" (A paraphrase.) He realized the great benefit he was getting and did not want it to end. Wait till you see how much weight he lost, and his transformation. I'd like to know where he's at now.

So here's the link. I watched it on Netflix for free, so if you have an account with them, there's no charge. But even if you have to pay, it's worth watching, trust me.

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