Friday, September 30, 2011

Herman Cain--Racist

I'm a conservative republican. One of the main problems with the left is that just by being a conservative, I'm branded as being a racist. Not only am I racist, I am SIXHIRB. That'd be sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic, islamphobic, racist and bigoted.

If I were to meet different people in groups and they did not know me, and I mentioned I'm republican, their knee-jerk reaction is that I'm SIXHIRB. Conversation over, I'm not worthy of discussion.

The left's strategy is to marginalize (i.e., to relegate to an unimportant or powerless position) conservatives. This is no small matter. This is what the left does. Watch and you'll see it over and over. Issues can't be discussed, because the person talking is a racist bigot.

Herman Cain, a black man running for president is a republican. A democratic strategist came on CNN's Anderson Cooper saying a comment Herman Cain made is racist and bigoted. So now even if you're black, but not in the leftest fold, one is a racist and bigot.

I hope you can see the irony of this and what the media and the left does. This is not by accident.

Click here to watch the interview with Anderson Cooper.

So here is what gets accomplished by the left calling the other side SIXHERB. The other side are idiots, not worthy of even discussion. And tell me if those on the right are not branded as a bunch of hillbilly southern white rubes worthy of only contempt.

So the actual idea of what Herman Cain said doesn't even get discussed. Why? Because what he said might actually be true. In fact, if one actually looks into what he said, one might come to realize Herman Cain's correct. And if Herman Cain is correct, the democratic party is exposed for what it is.

So Herman Cain must be marginalized. His ideas can't be discussed. Again, I beg you, watch this for yourself and see if this is indeed a strategy the left uses over and over again.

Do you Dear Reader see the irony, the utter ridiculousness of calling a black man a racist against his own race. I guess it is possible Herman Cain's a racist, but how convenient for the left. And does the left even scratch their head saying, "how can the right be racist and bigoted when they are excited about a black man becoming their president?" It doesn't fit the narrative, but for the left it doesn't matter. The narrative is far more important than the truth. Your racist, I'm not, I'm better than you, case closed. You are not worthy of discussion.

PS. This comment below I lifted from from a comment on another post. It's too funny.

This is a sick kind of reverse-reverse-racism. Here’s the clear logic: Tea Dunkers hate blacks, it’s in their collective DNA. Thus they hate President Obama. In order to defeat the President, they choose as their candidate a black man (a very black man, I might add…very “coco” in color, with a tinge of deep mocha). They use said black man to say, “see we’re not racist”, and then promote said black man as their poster boy. It’s a kind of reverse-topsy-tervy-backhanded racism that only a Tea Sipper can dream up. Thank whatever higher-intelligent being there is that I attended Columbia University and received an education that allows me to see right through all the psycho-insanity. I credit my study of Freud, that Neitzce guy, and the deeper films of Spielberg and Segal (to wit, “Above the Law” and “Out for Justice”).

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