Monday, August 9, 2010

El Pollo Loco--Automated

El Pollo Loco's (EPL) automated teller allows one to order and pay via the computer.

Just as Home Depot, and some Super Walmarts have automated service, now it's moving into the fast food industry.

After putting in my order today, I then payed the machine, which distributed my change. Also, by imputing my phone number, it remembers me and my order. That way, in my next visit, if I keep the same order, the process is further shortened.

I believe that in the future, EPL will allow me to call, and recognizing my number, allow me to place and pay my order, ready for pick up as I walk in the restaurant. Or to go one step farther, having an app on my phone, I click on the app and the order is placed.

Think about it--Why the need to go into EPL, look at the overhead menu, give the order to the taker, (and have you ever had to repeat 4 times), and then fumble around with the exact change?

I don't need to go to Subway, walk down the isle, tell them each ingredient I want and don't want, and then deal with the cashier. It would be nice to just walk in, pick up my sandwich and be on my way.

Some might see this as a bad thing, I don't.

Now if I could pay someone to help me chew my food;>)


This is cool. I posted this a few days ago, and the very next day, I got this email. I'd say this business is on top of its PR. This is the email from Brent:

Hey Michael,

Just wanted to let you know that I saw your blog post about the kiosks at El Pollo Loco, and was very interested in your insights. You have some good ideas.

In case you were wondering, those kiosks are produced by EMN8 – (short for “Enterprise Media Networks”) in San Diego, CA and are also being used by Jack in the Box, Carl’s Jr, Arby’s and a few other brands.

If you are interested in more info, you can check out our web site at

Thanks again for posting about us!
Brent Christensen
Vice President, Sales
EMN8, Inc.


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