Thursday, October 8, 2009

Most Powerful Journalist

I am the world's most powerful journalist. The reality of it is, we all are. Imagine you're sightseeing Washington D.C. As you are walking on the sidewalk in front of the White House, a policeman calls you over. He says he's just been informed by the President that the President would like to speak to just an "Average Joe" and he's picked you.

You go to talk to the President and he tells you things that you can't believe you're hearing. Of course you have your camera turned on and you're recording what he is saying.

When you leave, you broadcast what the President said on your blog.

Just think, in a matter of hours the world will hear what the President said.

Because of the computer, internet, camera, and blogging, we are more powerful than any journalist just a few years back. No newspapers to quash the story, no editors waiting to water down what happened--just pure as it happened jounalism.

This is now the power that each one of us weilds. I never leave the house without my camera. Not only video, but sound can be recorded with a simple push of a button.

We live in unprecedented times. I believe the beauty of this is that truth will be more easily found. It then begs the question, do we have enough courage to accept the truth, even if it doesn't fit our preconcieved beliefs?

We are the most powerful journalists!

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