Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Fantastic Internet

Today is a normal day for me as regards to the internet.

More and more I'm coming to realize how the internet is changing my life so much for the better. It indeed is transformative and making me a smarter person.

Here are a few things I did today, (it's only 9:30AM):

Went to Amazon.com and bought a webcam. I want to go on "Skype", talk to people in Spanish speaking countries, and enhance my ability to speak Spanish. (Skype uses VOIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, allowing one to speak and see someone from around the world at no cost.)

Went on a number of Spanish speaking websites to study Spanish. Learned about past participle verbs in the regular and irregular tense. Also used a website that had flashcards, further enhancing my learning.

Read a few newspapers/blogs such as Drudge and Instapundit. Also I have Google Reader which allows me to subscribe to blogs that I find give me great value. I'm probably subscribed to about 40 blogs. Whenever anyone makes a new post in their blog that I'm subscribed to, it automatically downloads into my reader.

I've created a blog only for family to view personal pictures and videos. I am now in the process sending out invites to family. Of course I'd like to invite all family, but those who do not have computers do not get the benefit of participating in the blog.

I downloaded podcasts to my Ipod. I will be able to listen to Spanish lessons while on the treadmill or while driving in my car.

So this is somewhat a typical day on the internet. If I read this post 10 years ago, I wouldn't have dreamed it possible. We can be Luddites and refuse to learn these wonderful technologies, or we can embrace them to make our lives and those around us richer.

No longer do I advertise my business in traditional media. All of my business is now coming to me via networking, satisfied customers, and the internet.

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