Sunday, December 13, 2009

Speed of Communication

Before the invention of the telegraph, the means of communicating across the United States was accomplished via The Pony Express. And I am willing to bet in those times people marveled at the wonderment of writing a letter in San Francisco and could be read by someone on the East Coast in as short a time as 10 days.

To give an idea how communication is now:

Friday the story broke about Tiger Woods putting his golf career on hold. It had just happened. I'm downstairs watching TV about the just breaking story, and my wife comes down and mentions it, she had just viewed it on her computer.

We started talking as though it was a normal part of our life. Well, I was so impressed by that. Something that just happened, we both find out separately in a matter of minutes, and then we're ruminating on the subject. Incredible. And this is our life.

It was almost 10 years ago I said to a friend: "I don't know how life can get any better". And I'm continually surprised how my life is enriched everyday.

Everyday our lives are getting better and better. It's a fact.

That's why I want to live a long long life. With age truly comes wisdom. And I believe the way we are wired, we want to give back. Man, through pursuing his own selfish interest, makes the world better for all.

Look at the great Warren Buffett. After all his billions it's his goal to now give most of his money away and try to do the greatest good.

While others want to destroy, most want to world to be a better place.

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