Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On Learning

I'm finding that what brings me joy is learning. I love to read, to study, and gather information. Certainly I have other pleasures in life, but I believe learning, which facilitates discovery, is my greatest source of pleasure.

What makes a good teacher? I think someone who can make learning simple. Years ago I heard something I'll never forget: The sign of a genius is everything is simple. When I heard that I thought, "Yeah, once you know something, of course it's simple because you know how to do it".

I've been learning Spanish for the longest time. And though I've studied verbs, I always found them difficult. I listened to a teacher recently talk about verbs and he mentioned how they connect the noun and the object together to make sense. Now what he said may have not been profound, but after he explained it, I took on a new appreciation for learning Spanish verbs. No longer is it a hated project I must learn, but I can study its beauty and complexity in new ways.

The internet truly allows learning to be accomplished on a fast tract. Whatever we desire to learn is right at our fingertips. And then through links, it may take us in directions we never thought. I think I'm learning more today that at any period of my life. And I think it will continue.

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