Saturday, December 12, 2009

The News

CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN evening news.

There will certainly be a case study on how main stream media (MSM) failed to deliver the news to the public. It appears as a grand conspiracy.

Many of our senior citizens are adverse to newer technology. The internet provides instantaneous ground breaking news stories. It is discussed intelligently and with thoughtful deliberation.

Three cases: Van Jones, Climategate, Kevin Jennings. These are all explosive stories that the media refuses to talk about. Or when discussed, it’s muted.

The MSM knows its audience and plays to that audience. It is not there desire to actually report the news. They want to keep their core watching, to hoist geriatric medicines on its viewers.

I look upon the MSM with disdain. When they are given this most powerful responsibility to inform the public, and are given that power through the Constitution, and then they abandon that responsibility, how can one not have utter contempt?

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