Thursday, January 28, 2010

How to lose weight

Everyone on this subject is an expert. So why write?

We're all experts, but we always want to read what others say, perhaps to realize the author is full of shit, or maybe to actually realize the writer is giving value.

What I find disturbing about most weight loss tomes is the idea that "I did this" now "I'm this". The people who claim they are "Now this", let me see them again in a few years. I don't think there is this "I did this, and now I'm perfect" scenario. With weight loss and proper nutrition, it is a daily exercise until one dies. In other words, it's an ongoing process.

There is such a thing as good foods, and there are bad foods. Bad foods are foods that are animals, derived from animals, processed food and drinks. Good foods are those grown from the earth: nuts, seeds, fruits, legumes, cereals and vegetables.

Those who are now the perfect weight, must have eaten the perfect diet. I've been conscious of what I think is good nutrition for several years, and the days I eat "perfectly" are a hell of a lot fewer, than days where I make nutritional compromises. In fact, for me to go a day and eat a 100% (in my opinion) nutritional diet rarely happens. It's what I strive for, but indiscretions are part of life, it happens, and I move on.

One of the greatest ways to lose weight is to fast. Don't eat any food, and only drink water. It may sound harsh, but research it. It's the greatest gift you'll ever give yourself--bar none.

Another thing I notice in diet plans is that if you choose "their" special diet, you won't be hungry. It's almost a sin if you actually get hungry while trying to lose weight. Let me give you this freedom: It's okay to be hungry. And it won't kill you.

Previously, I mention the good foods. Eat the good foods, stay away from bad foods, and exercise. I try to exercise 3-4 days per week. I don't overdo it, but I would bet at my little bit of exercise, I surpass 95% of most people in my age group for calories expended in exercise.

I'm presently doing something that is folk medicine. There are no studies proving its benefits, but I do it anyway. (And you can search for yourself the so-called benefits via the Internet.) What I do is when I get up in the morning, I drink a bottle of water, then I put some water in my mouth, along with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, and drink it. Most everyday.

The US leads the world in obesity. I think about children going to race go-carts and governors are built into the motors, allowing the children to only go so fast. They don't have the wisdom and maturity to realize that if they went as fast as they wanted, most likely there would be deleterious consequences.

So too with the American diet. There's no governor on how much food we eat. We Americans don't know what is actually good to eat and what is not. Most of us believe that we need more protein (IE. eat more animals and animal products) and less carbohydrates. I believe the exact opposite. Look at the rest of the world. They are vegetarian mostly because of poverty, but their sickness does not happen because of diseases of affluence.

Here's the standard. And go to any weight loss table view what is a normal weight. It comes out to this: at 5'0" one should weigh 100 pounds. For every inch after, add 5 pounds. So a person 5'4" should weigh 120 pounds. Most of you reading this and doing the math are saying "No fn way". Go back in history and look at how much people weighed. It pretty much falls on that formula. We have removed ourselves so far from what is ideal, it's now normal to be obese. In fact, in America if you're not overweight you are in the minority.

Do you have secrets on how to lose weight? Please share.

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