Friday, January 8, 2010

On Making Friends

I'm very lucky. My wife is my best friend.

She's intelligent, fun, loves me like there's a tomorrow....uh oh. Anyway, yes, it's great to have your spouse as a best friend. I love the way she laughs, her devotion and she's the person I want to spend my life with.

Other than my wife I have a limited circle of friends. I wish I had more friends, but I don't. This gives me cause for introspection. While I do know that I enjoy time spent alone, more friends would certainly enhance my life.

So why don't I have more friends? It sure seemed easy to make friends when younger. As I get older I'm more critical. I think when I get down to it, I want a clone of myself. Someone my age, my sex, and the same political persuasion.

I need to teach myself to open up to people of all nationalities, opinions and age. Wouldn't it be great to have a friend that is younger, beautiful and of the opposite sex? I know what you're thinking---"Yeah, dirty old man, you just want to get in her pants". Well, you're probably right. But it would be cool if I could look beyond that and value her as a person and friend.

I suffer from the perfect. Best is good, but better is best. I want to have more friends.

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