Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dennis Prager Radio

Dennis' radio program is by far my favorite radio program. I can easily get more out of listening to Dennis for 5 minutes, than listening to another talk show for days. Dennis is brilliant, thoughtful and compelling.

His talk show is from 9-12 Monday-Friday 870AM in the Los Angeles, CA area. Of an hour of programing, 25 minutes are dedicated to commercials.

Here is one of my complaints. Dennis will open his show for callers. Yesterday, while listening, four callers in a row, their first comment to Dennis was: "Dennis, it's an honor to speak to you".

This accomplishes two things: Taking up radio time with wasted words, then it's almost doubled because then Dennis has to say "Thank you, that really touches me" or some BS like that. After the niceties are finally done, the caller finally makes his comment. Because of time constraints, Dennis gives an answer and there's rarely enough time for continued banter.

If you think about time that is left in Dennis' program after commercials, his monologue, interview with his guest, and finally listener call-in, why would you want to waste those few precious moments with mundanity, thus boring the listeners?

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