Monday, March 22, 2010


From Nile Gardiner

What we have just witnessed is a massive slap in the face for limited government and the principle of individual responsibility. Its net result will be the erosion of freedom in America, and a further undermining of the country’s economic competitiveness. This may be a political victory for the president and his supporters in Congress, but it is in reality a defeat for America as a great power, and another Obama-led step towards US decline.

This fight has lit the fires of revolt in the hearts of the American middle classes. It has made Obama and Pelosi and all their hacks objects of passionate hatred and ridicule in perpetuity in America. Have you ever seen anything more ludicrous than BO pontificating about saving America, as if he were Churchill rather than a two-bit con man saving his own vanity, and Pelosi waving her "really Big One" to threaten her cowering victims in Congress and the nation?

Imploding America-Jack Douglas

The American Global Empire will end not with a last hoorah or a whimper, but with a guffaw. BO is the Clown President who will ring down the curtain.

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