Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Computer Skills

Yesterday, I created a post on "How to do a post".

The reason I did this post is I've always wondered how people were able to create videos of their computer page, move the mouse around, and talk at the same time. I thought it was miraculous. Turns out, like everything else in life, once you know how to do it, it's easy.

I went to this website and downloaded the software to capture streaming video.

For me, when I learn something like this, I get really excited. Here's how I just used it today. I have a question about Facebook. I tried to send my wife the question with screen captured video, but the file was too big for her email. So I posted it on my blog. Then I sent my wife another email with a link to that post.

Like I say, for me it's really exciting. Sometimes when my wife helps her mom on her computer via phone, it's an exercise of frustration. By using this technology, it would be very helpful for her mom.

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