Thursday, April 22, 2010

Skype--Getting Married

I think this is really cool. I believe the time will come where we will be able to upload video and talk in real time. Anywhere we're at. And the world will go to google and watch whatever they want in real time. For instance, the earthquake in Chile, you'll eventually be able to see live results from a number of resources and will be able to be part of the story through your own comments.

Oh, man, it’s just like one of those treacle-soaked romantic comedies: When one couple found themselves stranded in Dubai due to a pesky case of volcanic ash, they improvised and got married anyway… via Skype.

Brit Sean Murtagh, 24, and 30-year-old Aussie Natalie Mead almost missed their wedding day after their plane was grounded in the wake of recent volcanic eruptions in Iceland. Instead of despairing over lack of church, minister and multi-tiered butter cream cake with tiny bride and groom on top, the two scraped together the nicest clothes they could find and joined fellow passengers in a celebration that featured balloons and cake — courtesy of the airport. They shared the festivities with friends at home via webcam.

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